Become A Vendor

Become A Vendor

Transportation vendors for WakeTRACS play an important role in the lives of veterans, their families and the community. By providing service throughout the county and inside our cities, you are doing more than giving someone a ride – you are helping them get to a job, become more engaged, get to vital services like Doctors appointments, interviews, and take care of their basic needs. Our vendors deliver a valuable public service and help change peoples lives for the better. If you are interested in joining WakeTRACS, simply download the prospective vendor letter from this website. It contains all the pertinent information you need about the process and requirements of becoming a vendor, and offers links to information on transportation and related services.

If you believe that your company could be the right fit for WakeTRACS, we want to hear from you. Your interest in making Wake County an even better place to live is sincerely appreciated.

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