Veterans and their families have given their all to defend our freedom.

Wake County is committed to giving back to them. Making transportation easier is just one way our community can help. Introducing WakeTRACS. A service designed to give Wake County veterans and military family members easier access to transportation options and services across the county and region. Helping veterans and their families with their transportation needs is an important service. In Wake County, it’s how we roll.

This website is free and available for all to use although specific information regarding services are geared towards veterans and their families. Veteran status however does not impact the ability to use this web site.

TRACS Public Notice

This is to inform the public of mandatory changes to the TRACS rural transportation program and service area that will be effective on July 1, 2016.  The North Carolina Department of Transportation updated its definition of nonurbanized areas eligible for some transportation services. As a result, individuals using the TRACS service may now live in an area that is no longer eligible for some TRACS services. Additionally, grant funding has been reduced for the TRACS program, while program costs have increased. These changes may affect the availability of trips for our riders. The fare paid by the rider will not change, remaining either $2 or $4 each way. Click here for the updated map of eligible areas, or call 919 212-7005 with questions about how you may be affected by these mandatory program changes.

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